How to Perfect your Data Backup & Recovery Strategy in Salesforce

How to Perfect your Data Backup & Recovery Strategy in Salesforce

In today’s digital world, ‘Data’ is the most valuable asset that every future-ready business enterprise has. Without it, businesses can’t succeed. Since data is the new oil, it becomes a need to keep it safe, accessible & secure. But as … Read More

DataBakup Thanksgiving

Celebrate your Thanksgiving with Data Backup & Recovery Solution for Salesforce

We have a lot to celebrate right now! All the wonderful winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year & many more. Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday celebrated every year. It is observed on the fourth Thursday of November which … Read More

Data Backup & Protection in Salesforce

Data Backup & Protection in Salesforce: Paving the way for Better Business Productivity

All companies have bucket loads of critical data, be it personnel files, customer details, product information, financial transactions, or anything else. Almost all the decisions taken by the management & the work processes followed by employees to deliver quality products … Read More

Salesforce Backup and Archive

Salesforce Data Backup & Archiving: The WHEN, WHYs & HOWs of it

Before we discuss the quintessential Salesforce data protection solutions or data archiving solutions, let’s discuss what is Salesforce. Most enterprises use CRM platforms like Salesforce because of the way it eases & streamlines the business processes & helps them accelerate … Read More