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Salesforce Data Backup 101: Complete Guide for Data Backup & Recovery in Salesforce

With the cloud data multiplying at an incredible rate, there’s only one thing that grows in almost tandem with it: the threats to that data. Yes, data in any cloud platform (just like Salesforce) is still prone to theft, ransomware, or general data loss; contrary to the popular belief that the cloud is like a fortress. Ensuring the safety of the data in Salesforce is of paramount importance if the enterprise wants to grow & succeed.

This is the prime reason why enterprises using the Salesforce cloud platform put so much focus on their data protection strategies, with data backup & recovery being the #1 strategy of all time. In this eBook, we have discussed the different aspects of data backup & recovery in Salesforce in detail right from the reasons why data backup is necessary to the different ways in which data can be backed up. We have also put special focus on the use of DataBakup, the robust data backup & recovery solution for Salesforce & how it ensures data security.

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