Enterprise Data Archiving For Salesforce

Archive Salesforce Data to Optimize Storage, System Performance & Compliance

Transform Your Salesforce Storage Management Strategy With Our Enterprise Data Archival Platform

Looking for an efficient way to manage the large volume of data within Salesforce without letting the unprecedented data growth impact the storage usage, system performance & compliance needs?

Well, you’ve landed in the right place! Our next-gen data archival platform, built especially for Salesforce, will help you own your business data without ever upgrading the data storage at a hefty price or losing accessibility to the data. Simply choose your archival storage: Native to Salesforce (Big Objects) or External to Salesforce (Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, MSSQL, Oracle, etc by leveraging platforms like AWS, Heroku, GCP, Azure, On-premise).

Tap Unmatched Capabilities Of Our Archiving Solution

  • Different Archiving Types Supported: Auto-scheduler, Trigger-based, Manual, etc
  • 10X+ ROI (85%-90% Direct Cost Savings)
  • 5X+ App Performance Improvement
  • Large Volume of Data Migration Utility
  • Meet Internal Policies, Data Retention, & Compliance Requirements
  • Multiple Data Types Supported- Standard Objects, Custom Objects, Field History Data, Chatter, 3rd-party App Data 
  • Additional Security with Encryption Utility
  • 100% Data Accessibility & View within Salesforce
  • 100% On-demand Archived Data Restoration
  • Preserve Any-level Object Hierarchy & Data Integrity

In addition to the above, you can also unlock lightning-fast data archiving, a faster data search experience in your Org, & generate powerful reports leveraging any BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI etc.. So, be a Salesforce data management genius by getting our advanced data archive platform to rise above the challenges & limitations of data storage management in Salesforce.

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So Easy To Save Expensive SF Storage; Great Experience To Work With The Team

When searching for a solution to save expensive Salesforce Data Storage for our customer, we found the DataArchiva solution. After a quick test I realised how easy to install and to use it is and how simple it does exactly this job. We decided to use the Salesforce BigObject as the storage solution but it can easy be extended to use other storage options outside of Salesforce. Also contact to the sales and support team is a very good experience – fast and on the point to answer questions and help. This is definitely my preferred option if customers are asking to save data storage by keeping functionality.


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